What does your favorite Girl Scout cookie say about you….

I’m a little bit of all of them…

Peanut Butter Tagalongs. You most likely have a sunny and bright personality. Your energy radiates day to day and you are well known for bringing good ideas to the table.

Trefoil/ Shortbread. You’re simple, sweet, and go with the flow. Nothing out of the ordinary with you — no surprises — and that’s exactly why people love you.

Do-si-do. You are honest, blunt, and to the point. No beating around the bush with you! Yet despite your brute, deep down you have a soft spot.

Samoa. You have so much going on at once, but everything always seems to fall together. You have intensity in your emotions, passion for others, and drive for any goal you have in life.

Thin Mints. You have the it factor. It could be your charm, your humor, or your kindness — maybe a combination of the three! You leave your mark on anyone you come in contact with.