Brent Lowry & The Drifters

When WKXA hosted our first ever Live Day earlier this year, all of our local artists were celebrated, but one group got the most attention, and only 2/5th of them there even there! We were set up in a coffee shop in Downtown Findlay, early enough that it was barely light out, and Brent Lowry and Wade Wedge from Brent Lowry & The Drifters launched into a dobro-soaked “Sway Like A Willow Tree,” and later cranked up a banjo. In a coffee shop. It was awesome.

Since then, they guys have had their sights focused on writing and recording new music, and hitting the road to share their music.

Brent Lowry said, “The next few months we have a crazy, fun schedule planned. We just released our brand new EP The Drifter on May 4th, 2017. This EP has made everyone in the band very proud. We have spent a lot of time and hard work on creating these songs and making sure that they were perfect and we are eager to share it with everyone.”

The Drifter is now available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and our Facebook store.

“In May, we’ll be opening for Jerrod Niemann at Tequila Cowboy in Lansing Michigan. The next weekend we will be at the Hamler Country Fest in Hamler, OH where we have to opportunity to open for Rodney Atkins once again,” said Lowry.

Memorial Day weekend will find the guys in Nashville to record another EP of new songs, and they’ll return to Music City for CMA week to share their music in some of Nashville’s iconic honkytonks.

Their schedule doesn’t stop there. You can see the band at a variety of fairs, festivals, and parties of all shapes and sizes. Also new from Brent Lowry & The Drifters, merchandise!

Brent said, “We now have merchandise available on our Facebook store and we are really happy to share all our success and summer with all our fans.”

Brent Lowry & The Drifters were first featured as our Local Artist Spotlight Artist of the Month in June of 2016, and that article and bio is below, along with contact info for the band.


The band is Northwest Ohio’s hottest country-rock band led by local talent and Pemberville native, Brent Lowry. The band  has entertained crowds at fairs, festivals, pubs and clubs – bringing its own style of country music to the stage; performing the hottest, most popular country music of today along with several originals from their new EP, including the single “Sway Like A Willow Tree” that you’ve heard on 100.5 WKXA.

Guitarist Seth Lambert says that the band is an extension of the audience. “I think our image is very welcoming to “being yourself.” We don’t try to be anything but ourselves, and I think that shows not only in our music, bubb56d6_09518a416ed34356aee826fb4b8f6efd-mv2t also in our presence on stage. We’re there to have a good time with the crowd.”

Country music runs deep through each member of the band. Lead singer Brent Lowry says it goes back to his childhood. “My Grandpa, who is also an amazing singer, was a big influence in my life. He made me into the music jubb56d6_ac1f161f773a488bb477f3e3bd635856-mv2nkie I am today. It all started with my first musical influence, Marty Robbins. My grandfather would play him every Sunday. I remember listening to songs like Big Iron, and El Paso. When I hear them today I am automatically taken back to those days spending time with him.”

They have previously shared the stage with hot local acts Nashville Crush and Clark Manson, and has opened for Nashville acts Josh Thompson and Parmalee. This summer, their schedule is packing up with shows all over the area including Put-In-Bay, Alexandria’s in Findlay, Millstream Speedway, and across Ohio and Indiana.

You might find a lot of posing in Country music these days, but with Brent Lowry & The Drifters, the old-school country lifestyle is authentic. Banjo Player Wade Wedge says “I reckon we are the bb56d6_d7929e653db5460cbbca0cd89e64f3d4-mv2upcoming revival of real country music. The sound is real, the look is real, and we put on a good show. Everybody is living the dream, doing what they want. I play them Hillbilly instruments and I look like I’d play Hillbilly instruments, so that’s what it says about me. What you see is what you get.”

Drummer Andrew Lewallen knows this is a special group, more than just some random guys who were tossed together to make some music. “We are brothers, dedicated to making great music together and bb56d6_19494eddd6684e4b9dd18813e4cd7118-mv2fulfilling our dreams of becoming great musicians.  Together, with our combined skill and confidence, we can add our “Drifter” style into the “country” mix. Each one of us brings a unique musical, personal, and innovative style that when combined, creates our authentic sound.”

Bass Player Steve Geroski agrees, “We have a great bearded brotherhood. We work hard to express an original image and sound to the country community. We are bringing a different sound bb56d6_d3edb9d7ca3e43c6ab815d3456829dd4-mv2and feeling with the band.” Summing a band up in three sentences, Geroski said “What do you get when you mix a bunch of Drifting rockers with one of Ohio’s most Golden Country Voices? You get “Brent Lowry & The Drifters”. This country Kingpin and his mob of Drifters are here to bring a new tone of Ohio country music!”


Please check out Brent’s featured social media sites as well as his website:


Notable past Brent Lowry shows…
Lucas County Fair 2013
Ottawa County Fair 2014
National Tractor Pulling Championships 2011&2012
Bascom Country Concert 2014
Fostoria Country Concert 2014 – with Nashville Recording artist Clark Manson
Country Fest at the Nest 2014 – with Nashville Recording Artist Josh Thompson
Put In Bay (multiple times) 2013 &2014
Wayne Jamboree 2013
Wayne Jamboree 2014 – with Nashville Recording Artist Parmalee
Wayne Jamboree 2015 – with Nashville Recording Artist Josh Thompson
Hamler Country Fest 2014
Hamler Country Fest 2015 with Nashville Recording Artist Brother’s Osborne
Slip N Fly Festival 2015