Happy Birthday

You can make sure EVERYONE knows about the birthday you’re celebrating when you send it in for Rex Howard to mention!

Each weekday beginning at 8:50am, Rex Howard runs down the list of local birthdays for the day, and one winner each day will score a free personal pizza from Paradise Pizza in Findlay!! Just make sure he knows about YOUR birthdays by completing the form below and then listen each weekday morning at 8:50am to hear who wins!

Did you win? Congrats! In keeping with recommended social distancing guidelines, please do not come to the studio to claim  your prize. Instead, shoot us an email with your address, and we’ll send you the prize certificate via US Mail. Happy Birthday!



March 9: Marissa Wannemacher

March 10: Laine Saltzman

March 11: Doug Bowyer

March 12: Steve Cook

March 15: Greta Augsberger Cline

March 16: Addie Sprang

March 17: Stephanie Bretz

March 18: Charlete Shaffer

March 19: Ava Price

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